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Comment: Its all a complete fraud . . . .

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Its all a complete fraud . . . .

The most difficult thing for most of us, is to see through all the lies we've been told all our lives. But something built on such a foundation cannot last.
The most effective way to get through the fog of misinformation, is one on one with people you know. Let people know that their odds of being a victim of a mass shooting are less than being struck by lightning. (Just look up the 10 yr stats for both occurances). In contrast, about 100 people Per Day die in auto accidents. This is all hype and fear mongering and manipulation. Let them know that violent gun related deaths have declined by almost 50% over the last 20 years, and that guns are used millions of times each year to save lives. (Usually when a citizen just shows a gun to the bad guy, they run off without a shot being fired.)
This isnt about safety, but about control of the American people.