Comment: BitCoin is by definition a pyramid scam

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BitCoin is by definition a pyramid scam

It's not an opinion, it's a fact, and like I said, there will ALWAYS be people willing to invest in a pyramid scam.

BitCoin represents nothing of value, and creates nothing of value. The only profit it generates is at another persons expense. It is a predatory ponzi scheme fueled by a bunch of con-men like you.

I say we arrest you little scammers because like you said, you'll still be buying Bitcoin even if it's only worth a few cents. Buying it will imply that BitCoin is something more than just a scam and you're more than just a two bit conman.

I say we start prosecuting you little con-men and taking your liberty.

Anybody who tries to get you to buy into a pyramid scam is not your friend, that is unless he's being honest with you about it being a scam, and both you and your friend are self away parasites who want to profit off a suckers loss.