Comment: The Howard University students are American

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The Howard University students are American

they understand the American culture, they speak English, they get it, but even though American blacks have the highest unemployment, much higher than Previous Republican Admin's from just 5 years ago, they won't ever consider anything but a Democrat. Proof 100% that amnesty for illegals would 99% vote for the Democrat Party, the GOP can turn into the Democrat Party on every issue, Gay Marriage, Immigration, Abortion, increased welfare the list goes on, but they will never vote for the GOP unless the GOP gives up, closes down the party and become Democrats.

"He will never get my vote".


I don't buy a car because it's like another car, I buy a car because Its the car I like, becoming the Democrat Party on issues will never work, we seen that with Democrat Lite, Mitt Romney.

Do you still engage, YES, but with fresh ideas that neither party or anybody is talking about, you move forward with a great plan and new ideas that keeps within the ideas of Constitutional Government.