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Mixed Bag

1. Illegal immigration has been designed by many in the business community who depend on cheap labor to supress costs. Both the Republicans and Democrats are in bed on this. If we can run a global empire we could also control our borders if it were a priority. It is not. Let's change that.

2. Immigrants already here illegally: This won't be popular on the DP but I agree with Reagan, give them amnesty and get them registered. I believe the majority are decent people living in the shadows and contributing. Law enforcement confirms that organized crime also lives in the same dark place. Anyone in the SW has seen it. Amnesty will force these people out of the shadows and we can separate the wheat from the chaf so to speak... let's deport the criminals.

3. Immigration - absolutely for it. We should be attracting the worlds best and brightest to our country. It requires the right reform. I support the Startup Visa Act which is a bi-partisan bill supported by entrepreneurs and venture capital:

4. Worker Visas - seasonal jobs and certain sectors such as meat packing, etc.. depend on migrant labor. Rather than force illegal entry why not grant work visas and allow US firms to recruit and sponsor migrant workers?

5. No amnesty program until the border is secured & a worker visa program is implemented.

6. Support Mexico. Legalize drugs in the USA and end the MX drug war. Build greater trade with Mexico so people can find jobs there and not come to the USA to look for work. A weak Mexico means people will risk coming to the USA illegally. But the illegals are not only Mexican, they are Central Americans. Mexico is struggling to keep its southern border controlled. Instability drives people north. WTF are we wasting time in the Middle East when would would see greater ROI by engaging our southern neighbors with trade ?

OK, let it rip...

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo