Comment: BitCoin is pyramid scam.

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BitCoin is pyramid scam.

I already have. BitCoin is pyramid scam. BitCoin represents nothing of value, and generates nothing of value. The only way to profit off BitCoin is at another persons expense.

It is a dishonest scheme, a fraud, and you are a petty two bit conman.

If you have a problem with "my language", perhaps you should have chosen to be something other than a two bit conman who preys on those you see as suckers here to fuel your dishonest scheme which is based upon a fraud.

That fraud is based upon believing something of value is being "mined". Trying to claim BitCoins are mined reinforces that those involved know it has no value, but they need to make people think there is something of value being "mined".

BitCoins are poker chips, and represent nothing of value until a conman like you can get suckers to deposit something of value at the window. You want to cash out and profit off their loss.

You are a conman who preys on people through a pyramid scam.

I suggest you look into ByteTurd. It will offer you the opportunity to make an honest living for once in your life.