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Oh, my deep, dark secret is about to come out....

I don't care for fish.... SHHHHH!!!!!! Don't tell anyone! LOL! Before we got into this, Mark took me to a restaurant and he ordered tilapia, to make sure I would be able to stomach it. It is not my favorite, but I CAN eat it, and if I am hungry enough I am sure it will be delicious. The thing you have to be careful of is how they are treated right before harvest. They are "gill feeders" which means they LIKE funky water - that is a good thing when you are growing them out, reduced maintenance. But they will taste like algae if you don't "flush" them for a week or so in pristine water before you harvest. Then they will be very mild, and you can cover the "fish" taste with a good, hearty sauce.
You can do this with about anything that poops in water - I was just reading about a guy doing it with turtles. Not for food, he is just way into turtles, and it was easier to incorporate them into an AP system than to keep their habitat clean.
Do you like shrimp? They are trickier, but can be done, and between Fukushima and the Gulf "spill" the day may come when a little shrimp tank will mean serious money. You can be the Forrest Gump of the liberty movement - lol!

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