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I wrote this earlier today, a reply to another post

bit it applies here and now, too. Forgive me for repeating myself:
"I first heard "Universal Soldier" when I was very young, young enough to just understand it, and I have opposed war ever since. Even "just" war... if The People were in power, they would work it out without the war. War makes GOVERNMENTS rich and THE PEOPLE poor. It was Viet Nam, the soldiers were being drafted, and when they came home they got spit on for going.... I hated that as much as the war. Kids think the darndest things....
9-11 brought new "honor and glory" to soldiers. It was not easy to be a peace advocate for a long time... I totally understand how so many fine young men and women get lured into "serving their country" and I understand the benefit of believing that what they are doing is brave and honorable. It applies to all professions. Why did I do clinical research for Pharma? I believed I was doing good work. As long as I believed that, I had a good career, lots of money, respect in my field... When a soldier looks in the mirror and asks himself "Am I doing the right thing?" THAT is the moment he shows real courage. When he overcomes ALL the conditioning to "just follow orders" and is willing to give up all those perks of being a "good soldier" to do the right thing.... That is a very special class of people. You tell your husband that I love him, OK?
Peace, my friend."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.