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I agree to a point.

I don't enjoy this, and wish I didn't have to be here.

I wish there were more people ready, willing, and capable of laying it on the line for truth, liberty, and justice. I do a lot more than just throw up a few posts on the DP, but if I don't, the liberty movement will turn into a Communist wearing a Guy Fawkes mask screaming about how BitCoin will save us.

I can't allow Anarchists to pretend that they're Libertarians or that they care about liberty and sound money. Clearly they don't. Seeing the DP advocate a BitCoin pyramid scam demonstrates that.

Anarchists are a self aware cancer in the liberty movement, and my goal is to make sure the liberty movement both survives them and ultimately thrives off an Anarchists very public failure.

People will see Libertarians stomping down Anarchists while advocating for justice, and helping people both deserve and attain better government.

Let the Daily Paul Anarchists advocate for BitCoin. It'll blow up in their face. My goal is to make sure it blows up in an Anarchists face rather than the Liberty movements.

The number of people who know what YOU know about the Daily Paul will only increase. It always needed to be about more than Ron Paul and a few NWO Communists masquerading as liberty minded people.