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disagree on illegals already here

As far as most of them being decent people,I'll allow that there are some.I work with a few who are good people & hard,honest working men/women.I will not go so far as to say that is the majority!As in my previous post,most are lazy & worthless.My community draws them in to work at the meat processing plant.There is a lot of gang activity here.All latino gangs.People have their lives threatened regularly.There are occasional stabbings at the plant that always seem to involve hispanics,not whites.
Now don't be mistaken & think I'm a bigot.I am not.My great grandparents were KKK.My grandfather disowned them(his own parents)because of this.I was never more proud then of my grandfather when he told me of his position on this ugly part of our family history.I believe everyone has the right to pursue happiness......LEGALLY!!!!
I agree 100% with point #6,you make!