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dare you make such blatantly false allegations. "swindling people?!?"

"Preying on the liberty community!?"

You're talking about a man that I have gotten to know behind the scenes over the course of years. A good, decent, and honorable man. A man that drives older cars, occasionally shops at Goodwill, and recycles things off the street. A man that has watched HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars, if not millions pass through his site and never received a cent of it. Hell, if you divided up ALL the hours he has spent monitoring and cultivating this site compared to the few piddly moneybombs he's had, it'd probably come out to minimum wage.

This is a voluntary society. I donate to support this site out of my own free will because I enjoy it as a news aggregate and sometimes a community. I was never coerced or swindled out of anything. Not only have you viscously and wrongly accused the owner of this house you have insulted me. (and probably others) There's a difference between having disagreements and flat out making shit up.
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