Comment: yup. i have no idea how

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yup. i have no idea how

yup. i have no idea how anyone can value a bitcoin anyway. it appears to be a currency with very little actual demand for its services as such, but subject to all the swings of a speculative asset bubble. i understand the desire for people to speculate in bitcoin; i can't imagine anyone using it as an actual long term medium of exchange or store of value. i can see accepting bitcoins at a massive discount (does that even make sense?) to their value..... i guess in terms of a currency, that would mean raising prices for things in terms of bitcoin in response to its fluctuation vs the dollar. but i imagine a lot of people accept bitcoin because they feel it will increase their overall income, not to replace existing cash income. like someone with a donations page will say "we also accept bitcoin donations." are there any bitcoin only merchants that would contradict that idea? i still don't fully understand the real day to day market for bitcoin and what kinds of demand there are for it. perhaps there is no data on this... i guess the bitcoiners are pioneers, though. at least the ones who aren't suckers.