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Downvoting both of you

Pill-haters are allies of gun-haters in disarming America. It's extremely anti-liberty to get all gleeful about millions of people losing their second amendment rights in a calculated scheme to disarm us. People who kill while on drugs were killers in their hearts anyway. Prozac makes crazy people--still crazy.

Anti-depressants make me a better person, giving me empathy, ability to look people in the eye, making me immune to road rage, increasing my productivity at work and attention to my family at home--it's a huge improvement in my personality with no negative effects.

Probably I'll quit them naturally as I adjust my diet, trying to cut out sugar. But they're not making me loony, and the one time I ran out for a month because I didn't get around to going to Target to get a refill, I didn't have any noticeable withdrawal except the improvements they bring fading out slowly.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.