Comment: Let's face it

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Let's face it

Reagan screwed up when he closed mental institutions that had the capacity for triage, criminal insane, security levels, half ways house, geneactric, disabled before and after age 21, teens, adults, rehab, variosu therapies, out patient services.. now we have prison and nurses with certificates to write prescriptions making diagnoses within 15 minutes of a visit. The system we have, no matter of the drugs are good or bad.. most never really know because there is not a system that actually provides a person the opportunity to get the proper care. There are plenty of folks who are not on meds who may need meds (I think many people have a thyroid problem and get diagnosed with depression for example)

It's been pretty clear to me since a few years ago we had "the looney with the gun".. and while the looney was "put down", the saga continues as the government has decided it needs to protect people from "the looney with the gun". So those who have taken meds, will lose their right to be armed.