Comment: STFU you stupid paid AIPAC TROLL! He didn't put it it to rest.

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STFU you stupid paid AIPAC TROLL! He didn't put it it to rest.

He simply said that it ("anarcho-capitalism") would not happen for a "very long time."

Pay no mind about his minarchist leanings.

Ron Paul is, as the Dollar Vigilante has said aptly, a gateway drug.

And a wonderful one at that.

One has to wonder what happens to you neocon authoritarian mideval has-been scumbag ideologues at that point!!

You will probably cease to exist...out of a normal Darwinian order of things. LOL

WHY? Because the truth...will have evolved beyond your forced, tyrannical, fake-ass front of LIES, deception, and authoritarianism.

Ah...that happened with the 9-11 debacle. The event itself (by accident!)...made more questioners...than accepters. And that number continues to grow. Kinda crazy about that thing called the truth...


And as much as I may LOATHE your existence as a paid AIPAC troll...I still acknowledge your right to be there.

'nuff said.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.