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I would imagine...

that Goldman-Sux people would have bought in big and early years ago. Why wouldn't they? The Wall Street banks have the largest armies of networked financial transaction programmers in the world bar none.

And I would fully expect them to have developed control interfaces to manipulate bitcoin long ago also. It's what they do. And nobody anywhere does it better than them. They developed the high-frequency trading software that does lightning fast trades (many per second) to skim off micro-profits.

I'm convinced they are in control of the half-dozen unnatural flash-crash/flash-recoveries that have occurred in the past weeks. Highly-controlled rapid repeated pump-and-dumps. Why wouldn't they do it? Easy money with no chance of prosecution. A handful of banking execs could have rounded up a handful of their network transaction engineers and worked it out as a hobby over drinks after work.

Again, why wouldn't they have done it? I think it's more unlikely for them to NOT be manipulating bitcoin and to not have been prepared to do so long ago...

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