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A couple of questions for you dalek67 if you don't mind;

"As far as most of them being decent people,I'll allow that there are some.I work with a few who are good people & hard,honest working men/women."

Had you never had the opportunity to work with some of these people, in other words, you never would have interacted with any Hispanic person, do you think that you would have had the same opinion? Or do you think that by actually getting to know some, your opinion was somewhat affected?

"There is a lot of gang activity here. All latino gangs.People have their lives threatened regularly.There are occasional stabbings at the plant that always seem to involve hispanics,not whites."

I don't doubt you for a second as I've had to deal with that crap as well, but I DO think that a lot of it has to do with demographics. For example, I was born and raised in NYC. When I lived in the predominantly "Black" areas of it, MOST to ALL crime committed was done by Blacks. Now that doesn't make me a racist for stating a FACT. I LIVED IT, as you are now. Same for when I lived in Hispanic areas. Same for many friends I had that lived in Chinatown(HUGE Chinese gang problems back then).

Now let's flip the scenario and go back a few years. Black families living in the 1950's in the predominant South. Do you see where I'm going with this? Is it fair for the Blacks confined to that area of the country in those days to say that all, or at the very least "most" Whites in the rest of the country are racist and commit crimes against Blacks as well on the same level?