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Some points;

"To watch it fall is a hard thing to witness."

I agree, but to place the blame solely on illegal immigrants is nothing but scapegoating by the government and MSM. Do you honestly believe if we hadn't ever had ONE illegal crossing that we wouldn't be in the economic mess we are in now, due to Wall Street, the Banking cartel, our failed and costly foreign policy, corrupt politicians/corporations and the Federal Reserve? All of the things I just mentioned have had a much stronger effect on our economy. Do you believe in bailouts? If you don't, then would you also agree with this:

Our immigration system is easier then most in the world so why do you think the immigration process should be easier???

1.) Most countries DO NOT require entry Visas, unlike the U.S.
2.) Let me know how many "south of the border" or third world countries you can find on this list:
3.) It is NOT as economically feasible for people from third world countries to glide through the immigration process as it is for say someone from England or France.

For example; here's a link to the fees FROM INDIA TO THE U.S.

You will notice that depending on the type of Visa, the prices range from $160 - $350. And that's ONLY the APPLICATION fee which is MANY times rejected and you're still out the fee. There are other ridiculously large (filing)fees that are tied to other forms required as well. "IF" they choose to APPLY for Residency (can still be rejected and you're out the cash) the fee runs about $1100. The AVERAGE MONTHLY Indian salary last year was 5,000 Rupees, which equal to roughly $91 U.S. Dollars. That's "MONTHLY" salary.

Feel free to look up the various forms and associated fees if you so wish.

I'd like to add this reply I gave to someone previously as well for you to consider:

I don't think that the answer is to necessarily break the immigration laws simply because they are unfair to some and geared towards others. However, for someone that doesn't really know what the full immigration process entails and how it differs from one country to the next without actually knowing the facts is preposterous at best.