Comment: wow what is it with people cherry picking?

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wow what is it with people cherry picking?

I said they need to come to grips with the fact they were duped,(notice the comma) Repent (meaning ask for forgiveness for whatever sins they have committed). *english martha ducker can u read It? Its a list of things to do like; "Honey could you wash the car, cut the grass, and weed the garden?" See not related. Unless you are so dense you would actual think someone asked you to wash the car with the lawn mower or maybe the grass? Doubt it.

Nothing to do with what ever rant you had going to build a straw man.

So you looked through the bible and can't find anywhere that calls a soldier a murderer? Good for you!

I said the ten commandments says THOU SHALL NOT KILL. Then in the post where I was responding to someone else I used the bible for shorthand b/c in context I thought it would make sense.That was a terrible thought sorry, I should have realized.

I like your examples you are trying to use to say Jesus was prowar/ pro soldier! Forgive them they know not what they do. Perfect! That's the prayer any trigger puller for the corporate empire should have said for them.

So are you suggesting I got my whole Christian faith backwards and of instead of trying to emulate Jesus and walk in his footsteps we should encourage more soldiers to kill more people in gruesome ways and just pray for them so they can be forgiven for they know not what they do?

Again just to reiterate If you are a soldier and you haven't killed anyone you are not a murderer. But if you don't understand that Jesus was the prince of peace and that we should emulate Jesus, not the soldiers that MURDERED him...maybe I am asking too much even from this site.