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"Marriage is a

"Marriage is a sacrament"
YES, It is! To some people. TO others its a way of consecrating a feeling and a decision.
" a couple who intend to marry in the Catholic Church"
Not all couples are catholic. Catholic is one religion. there are many others. For instance, as I mentioned the Unitarian church which condones gay marriage and are willing to officiate it, as you have said is needed.Therefore, that marriage is valid according to that priest.
"Marriage is not all about love, but about heirs, rites, procreating, fullfilling what is understood as a holy union with God."
Maybe to Catholics. But to Unitarians it is ll about love. Who are YOU to tell them they are wrong? Who is anybody to?

Noone gives a F$%K about catholicism. You are a bunch of freaks that obviously condone pedophilia and child rape since you continue to practice the religion preferred by pedos and child rapists. You can call marriage whatever the F$%K you want, but you DO NOT have the right to tell people married under another church that their marriage is any less valid then yours. Nice try though.