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Comment: Do people not say ...

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Do people not say ...

They would die to protect their wife or kids?

Of course they do because if you love something (ie. liberty) and believe in it, it is worth dying for.

Is it not proselytized all over the world that because he loved you so much he gave up his only begotten son?

Is that the same thing as ... meh ... I will pay the $200 fine and go about my business because its not worth dying for or bucking the system to do anything about it?

Aye, the truth may set you free but I do not believe it has even been said the truth is guaranteed to bring one joy. I do believe it has been said where one's treasures are so is their heart.

For those who would object to a scriptural reference ... does the mere source of a good and true principle make it any less good or true?

The solution? Decide what is worth living and dying for. If the deserts of freedom or liberty are not worth the risk ... perhaps one ought to find the nearest mirror and have an honest conversation with it's reflection.