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Let me start by saying, I'm

Let me start by saying, I'm glad that our dialogue thus far has been civil. I know that, to certain users of this website (whether they're “trolls,” very misinformed or just incompetently stupid) I am sometimes very combative, and usually rightly so. See my other comments in this thread to user 'mikoni'. So I'm happy to have this casual back 'n forth with you.

“Or starts to, anyway. But there's something not right. To me, it looks as if either it turns to dust soon after it begins to fall; or, as it goes down, it somehow leaves a dust image of itself behind.”

Yes, I agree. But I think the answer is quite simple. It has to do with time. The dust is light weight; whereas the steel weighs tens of thousands of pounds. In many, repeated viewings of the 'spire' collapse, I have concluded that the steel falls out of sight in less than two seconds.

Also, the tip of the 'spire' is thin, so obviously it's not going to visually represent as any significantly visible and noticable collapsation. It happens in less than two seconds and as I mentioned previously, is partially obscured.

I guarantee that the 'spire' doesn't disintegrate during collapse, it just collapses out of sight so quickly it has the appearance of “disintegrating” mid-air. Watch it a few dozen more times lol.

“But yes, I also question how all that cement was pulverized - beginning so soon into the collapse and without slowing down the overall speed of the collapse. I'm not an engineer, but I've read why engineers have said it would be impossible.”

The speed of the collapses, from the “official story” reason, is completely impossible. It's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the official story reason is demonstrably, logically and laws-of-physics wise, completely false and fraudulent. Purposefully. It's obvious the towers' collapes were demolitions.

It could either be called 'controlled demolition' or 'assisted demolition.' You probably haven't heard the phrase 'assisted demolition' before, because as far as I know, I'm the only person who has been saying it. I believe the towers' demolitions weren't entirely controlled from start to finish, they were instead significantly "assisted."

“Forgetting even how soon it began to happen, it seems that *either* the cement floors could have been pulverized into dust or the building could have collapsed as quickly as it did, but not both - at least not without the infusion of some additional energy source into the circumstance.”

Yes - and I'm not saying you agreed with the liars - but it's important to not confuse incendiary devices and/or other explosive devices in the towers, with the purposeful disinfo that liars (such as Judy Wood) propagate, things like “it was laser weapons from space” or 'exotic weapons.' The latter are 100% purposeful disinformation. Hence my combative tone toward users 'EthanNL' and 'mikoni.'