Comment: Looks cool!

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Looks cool!

Two things I'd recommend:

1) Get rid of the categories e.g. "gun control", "Bradley Manning". It makes the stories seem dated like they're not "news" anymore but rather an old archive that is boring and old. And it makes it confusing. With a site of that format, people just want to see the category of "news". Just list the stories like Drudge does with newest on top.

2) Not sure if I missed it but any good alternative news consolidation site must have a link to "infowars" and "alex jones". Even the "mainstream" Drudge has those links. Maybe I missed this, but I was surprised by those omissions. Even if you don't like infowars, you gotta use them and link them for news b/c they are a good news source that is not MSM.

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