Comment: Except Organizers, Nobody To Know Time or Place

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Except Organizers, Nobody To Know Time or Place

I understand the frustration of the OP, but civil war and its horrific consequences is coming too soon anyway. Prepare for battle. Pray for peace. If you want to flex your muscles, then maybe FLASH demonstrations of thousands of armed, masked militiamen could be periodically held in every state. Imagine law enforcement having to confront a crowd of THOUSANDS of armed people who gathered within minutes and with almost no advanced warning. If considered an "illegal" assembly by local officials, have planned exits. Even if well planned, events could spiral out of control. Victory ALWAYS involves risk. These armed flash mobs might be a very valuable weapon of psychological warfare and must NOT be flippantly executed. Plan well with purpose.

Members of these armed flash mobs should think of themselves as part of a recall of the patriot military, but on a much larger scale.