Comment: This is a horrible bill

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This is a horrible bill

I took 20 minutes to scan it and learned several things that are deeply disturbing:
1. The definition of 'mental health' will be critical to determining who will and will not be allowed to own a firearm. The term is not defined, and the future definition of it is to be determined by a bureaucrat.
2. The bill specifically enables the Obamacare records to be searched as part of the background check.
3. I did not see where it defined what crime a person had to have committed in order to be prohibited from owning a firearm...but since we all committ 3 felonies before noon, that pretty much covers all of us.
4. Private transfer of firearms will be limited to blood/marriage relatives up to a certain, very specific, point. Forget second cousins-once-removed. Prohibited, unless subject to a background check.
5. Any presentation of more than 75 firearms is considered a gun show.