Comment: oh, hahahahaha, Hi's me Ted...

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oh, hahahahaha, Hi's me Ted...'re as cute as a button...what was your question? [pat on the head]

Just write this one off gang, WE LOSE...AGAIN!

The government has already been compiling their list since Obama first took office, Republicans re-elected him because he subsidizes their lifestyle/career/industry...and they mistakenly think they'll have hidden their money BEFORE he wipes out their savings and retirement accounts Cyprus-style...

Ted is all about the NRA, Larry Pratt is the one Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzed had got permission from the judge to "treat the witness as hostile"!

Larry Pratt's GOA was ahead of the NRA calling this bill an expansion of a Federal REGISTRY, the NRA is blowing it's members dues on a NASCAR race in Texas this many politicians(Republicans who bailed out NASCAR with the fiscal cliff bill) will be in attendance in the NRA skybox?

I'm sick of the games and the celebrity circle-jerk of our positions that really mean a dictatorship is putting down ALL dissent...Ted is semi-retired and enjoying his money, the government will take our guns but Ted and Dick Cheney will continue to vacation together with their guns...better get serious folks..Eric Holder, nor ANY Republican helping this move along in Congress, is in danger of being removed from office for any of this....we're getting our asses kicked...Nugent was a Romney guy too, remember?