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Holy & Venerable Chris Dorner bequeathed us ByotchCoin's

Holy & Venerable Chris Dorner bequeathed us ByotchCoin's fundamental valuation: bling, ho's, and cars. (An' the bullet.)

"Bling" is the sum value of all precious metals and gems in da Hood, plus market value for nonprecious fashion accessories, which is subject to speculation. However, that volatility is stabilized by Beyonce's wardrobe and jewelry box, itself regarded as twelve times the total value of all pawn shops south of Crenshaw Ave.

"Ho's" is the value of productive labor. There are two key measures: time on your back, and time on your knees. "Time on your knees" is more productive, generally valued at $15 per minute, while "Time on your back" is subject to idle periods, and can run as little as $3 per minute in Edgewood.

"Cars" is the sum of the market value of all Low-riders in South Central divided by the worth of their metal and the resale value of neon tubing, hydraulics, and subwoofers.

"The bullet" refers to the multiplier effect of a Crip's bling, ho's, and cars to resale shops and hustlers after being smoked by a Blood.

The combined total assets of physical materials, productive labor, and inherited bread is what provides ByotchCoin with its stable value.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"