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Marriage = Religion Union = Secular LEGAL

Your post is a good example of why the Catholic Church believes that "same sex marriage" is not about unions.. you have civil unions to legally be at your lover's bedside and adopt kids, giving you the same LEGAL rights as hetrosexuals, catholic or not. This is an attack on the Catholic Church, which you are ignorant and vile to.. and in the name of love.

The Church has paid for it's crimes and changed it's ways.. inviting you to come and if anyone makes a sexual advance to you, or you even SUSPECT anyone.. report it.. not only will there be a cash reward for you, but NO TRIAL for the person you accuse.. they are OUT! So please, come, make your greivance, or continue to post as if you know actually know something more than MSMBS.

As far as what is valid.. I'm not saying a Catholc Wedding is more valid. I'm saying that the preist gives a Catholic couple a CIVIL UNION AND sacraments.. the Catholic couple's marriage is made LEGAL by the state, just like yours. Marriage to us is a SACRAMENT. You don't understand what a sacrament is, and neither do most people who fight us.. you have a CHOICE as a catholic.. get married or take holy orders.. becoming a preist is a SACRAMENT. The Unitarian Church does not believe in sacraments.

I don't care who or what you want a legal union.. unless it is in MY Church.. now you want to call your civil union a marriage.. (your so brilliant, come up with your own word, but marriage is not what you have because you have NO SACRAMENT.