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Comment: I thought Alex Jones was taking care of that for us....

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I thought Alex Jones was taking care of that for us....

....making $$$$ tens of thousands exposing it, waking people up, and empowering us to take back representative government as patriotic Statesmen!!!

Anyone want to walk into a Republican Party meeting, a Libertarian Party meeting, a Constitution Party meeting and boldly proclaim "you all know Building 7 was a controlled demolition, you all know there is ZERO photographic or video evidence that an American Airlines 757 passenger airliner hit the Pentagon that day, don't you?" ... Then say you want their PUBLIC endorsement, and you expect them to rally around your potential Statesmanship, raise money for you, put out yard signs for you, and
go door-to-door for you!!!

Oh, that's right, we have to be more subtle than that....our allegiance with the QUESTIONS of Architects, Engineers, Firefighters, and Pilots must remain in our minds, never articulated IF we want support...well...OK...

Tell you what, I'll run for public office on issues such as our 2nd Amendment rights must NEVER be infringed upon, this government has NO business knowing how much in precious metals I have, NO authority to tell my church who to marry, and no right to FORCE Catholics to fund abortion or birth control....anything else? But oh no, someone knows I want those questions about the PHYSICS of 9/11 answered by those who spent these TRILLIONS on the wars, perpetuated the Patriot Act, endorsed the NDAA, supports and funds the obnoxious TSA and the DHS, and talks tough about spending but then CAVES twice in 90 days to fund the government!!!


Can I get a moneybomb my way to run for office, I'm sure everyone could more than TRUST me not to expand the size and scope of government, even take the lead in my State for nullification...oh, that's right; I'm supposed to do it on my own, raise money locally, bullsh*t my way into the Republican Party by stealth(because the Libertarians know I'm a theocrat!)...


Let's keep watching the Revolution via YouTube clips; Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, Luke Rudkowski, Russia Today, Jesse Ventura....they've got this one....the ballot box is a HOPELESS route to go; of course, Rand Paul went that route, but....he's a neo-con sell out here on the DP; very suspect, and not his Father....just keep takin' ... We're all good at that!!!

Are our favorite Liberty media moguls pooling their money to make a 9/11 truth SUPERBROCHURE that we can hand out at Republican, Libertarian, and Constitution Party meetings? Maybe Gary Johnson can pass some out in Democrat circles as he panders for votes with his pro-choice and pro-homosexual positions for Liberty

Make something happen loudmouth, or, consider the position we're in! Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura have made MONEY off 9/11 truth; and we all still are looked at as kooks and conspiracy theorists...and candidates who are fans of AJ and Ventura will fare no better because of "association"....cowards are we? Who is on our side, really?