Comment: I thought the Howard Speach was surreal

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I thought the Howard Speach was surreal

Rand did not appear comfortable.. to me, there was a huge vacuum and I don't know what it is exactly.. but Rand did not seem "at home", but rather, "on edge".. I think he blew many opportunities.. and I think the message he kept telling himself was , "relax, just be yourself".. because it seemed he had a hard time just being himself.. but as the article suggests selling the GOP.

The end of the answer and question period, the last person, admitted he was with the Nation of Islam.. and we have discussed this here.. uoi see they are interested and Rand blew it. I don't know if it was fear, or WTF.. but he did not appear very comfortable.

I think the good thing that is coming out of this, with Ben Carson in mind.. and knowing the rEVOLution is bigger than Ron and Rand Paul, but one which needs many voices.. and so that vacuum Rand produced at Howard, may wind up giving blowback in liberty leaders coming out of Howard and joining the GOP to work with Rand rather than like him.