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Ha, I know you meant that as rhetorical

but these "interviews" are all the same..they're all like an episode from Gods of The Sands. All the media whores are ARMED with pages of talking points and wear ear pieces. It's a verbal gladiatorial fight to the death. Their guests — ignorant slaves to their minds — are conveniently unarmed for the cheap shots coming. So on this rigged, uneven, verbose playing field, they try to lead their slaves to the slaughter, continuously sandblasting with lies, trivia and insults to their person and ideas for what must seem like an eternity...

Larry could barely get a word in edgewise. But he knows — them their rules. So he waited like a champ and made his words count, sending Wolfe into a sputtering panic. To bad he didn't choke and die.

I'd love it now if someone would blindside Wolfe the next time he quotes from a Govt. report, with: Govt's "reports" are pure hokum! Let me count the ways! LOL Hard Break!

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