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Couldn't agree more

Charts and graphs are what manipulators use to convince you to buy or sell something. They are only based is guess work, typically.

Remember Peter Schiff saying Gold would go "a lot higher" maybe to $4,000? Never happened.

Silver never reached over $50 or so.

Reality is the daily prices of a commodity and not what some investment "adviser" suggests.

Look at the stock market- 14.800 (or something). Look at the prices of AG and AU....dropping. The market is over for AG and AU- time to sell (maybe).

Don't expect the stock market to crash anytime soon. It may drop as it did back in 2008 and 2009 and 2000. Yet, if you had invested in an index fund you'd be way up in value now with none of the hassles of holding and selling AG or AU and none of the philosophical arguments to deal with.