Comment: Why hope this changes

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Why hope this changes

Why hope this changes quickly? Just read the COT's and understand them. All this is-is big banks covering short positions. Once we hit between 25 and 23, watch what happens. Small Commercial banks are now net LONG. JPM is covering. Tech funds and hedge funds have the most massive short position they have ever had. THE BANKS NEVER LOSE. Once JPM has covered what it feels it needs to cover, price will skyrocket. There is massive physical demand in gold and silver. Lower prices brings on more demand. JPM knows exactly when there will be extreme shortage because they are at the head of the line when it comes to dealing with physical. The bear trap is set. Buy all you can. sit back and relax. and watch the show.

Thought this would have happened about 3 weeks ago. give it till the first few weeks in May.