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I think the US is closer than you think

Outside of the major cities, there is a lot of suffering going on in this country. I think the only thing placating it is the widespread availability of nearly free entertainment - i.e. the internet.

So it depends on who you are. There is no economic collapse in North Korea for those guys wearing the giant hats, hanging around with Kim Jung Un. No economic collapse for the lobbyists in DC. In rural N. Korea, as in rural America, it is a different story. No big hats out there, and record low mortgage rates are meaningless.

Deflation - not that it has to be a disaster - but it would be for this country, based on how things are currently structured. Japan is trying to create inflation within its own borders by exporting deflation. The NWO can't have that. Suddenly Japan is enemy #1 for N. Korea?

Very convenient.

He's the man.