Comment: different versions of fairness

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different versions of fairness

Ecard, There you go again with your anti-Randian obsession with fairness but thanks for admitting that not all illegal aliens are model citizens. We do need immigrants. Bill Gates and others involved with computers and science warn us about what will happen if people are forced out of the Country and suggest larger quotas of immigrants with skillsets. Those decisions are made by Congress. But do we really need more unskilled and uneducated illegal aliens to compete with unskilled Americans? We already have a glut of them. Let me describe another "fairness" scenario.I think that it is "unfair' when I see construction crews, restaurant help, landscaping workers who can hardly speak English knowing that they have replaced blacks, students, and part-time workers. So our kids sit around playing computer games not learning to work and then they have to depend on government largess to get through college owing lots of money. The countenance of Illegal aliens leads to expanded government because they use more tax resources then they pay taxes, Americans are forced into unemployment or welfare, and our kids don't get work experience and take government loans. My version of fairness has to do with being fair to poor Americans. Your loyalties seem to be more international, at out expense, and expand government.