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Yes, I understand and absolutely belive

that you are calling a spade a spade. That is your vison of and about me. Got it. But that does not mean you are correct by by own perspective or others. While you play a game of calling spades, "spades", I call it, "hearts", which is not part of your portfolio.

I am no more interested in directing a Palestinians' heart than I am yours. It's the Ayn Rand part of me that makes me a selfish person who cares about controlling my own liberty and choices, hopefully enabling others to control their own, as I choose.. the golden rule.

The bombs are designed for defense. When bombs are employed for atrociaou war crimes, then those who pertretrated the crimes should be held accountable.. and that is where the problem resides, in getting justice served to the satisfaction of the victims.

I am very pleased with how my GOP central committee came about, where it is now a liberty committee, and I hope to be able to help grow the rEVOLution within the GOP because it's cool.. the neocons are leaving.. there si no one, not even me, to replace them.

I never received any information at all about the pic nic.. and I would have done my best to make arrangements to go. But then, I'm ok at this time of not going because I am busy.