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I SOOOO hope you're right. I'm pretty deep in physical and am AT the point of going in the negative. I've managed to hang on all this time, but I'm not going to lie, I'm getting pretty nervous.

My main concern is what are the conditions going to have to be like to see silver skyrocket, or should I say, see the dollar collapse? Will there be chaos in the streets? How am I going to trade my silver for anything if I feel like I have to have an armed contingent come with me to town to get anything?

It feels like there are a few things the lid is going to blow off of any day now. War breaking out. The stock market collapsing. A possible pandemic. Another false flag. The conditions in the stock market (from my amateur point of view) seem similar to what they were shortly before the great depression.

I have some peace through preparation, but it's hard not to sometimes be concerned. I just wish my knuckleheaded brother (who is aware of the situation) would do something to prepare for his own family's food and wealth security. I have these visions of them and the neighbors depleting my food supply pretty quickly. Thankfully he's a good hunter and fisherman, but it's still frustrating.