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yes, that's why I said:

"IMHO, Possibly the MOST Important Video Primer You'll Ever Watch, beyond the UCC, and 14th Amendment, within the Constructionist Constitutionalist confines."

notice my avatar's nomer? .o)

Of course, asking a bunch of murderers to stop killing you is a futile pursuit. But in the interim, I have no problem having free people using the murderers' own system against them, as far as politically feasible, whether it works or not, to simply 'gunk up' the system, clog it, and at the least begin the process of exposing en masse the insanity of their fascist 'judicial' paradigm.

Hey it took Dr. Paul, Anthony Sutton, the Skousens, G. Ed. Griffin, Aaron Russo et al over seven decades to 'normalize' the topic of Federal Reserve to become ubiquitous topic of political discourse. So the more people do these things, challenge their own BS legalese, the faster enough critical mass can be coalesced to have their expression of negation of current political regime mean something: involuntary govt is illegitimate, period.

The current system is done for. There's no "saving," or "restoring" anything. The way I see it, is what foundations can be laid now, so post currency collapse, what can come out of its ashes. To that end, the best we can do peacefully is to inform enough critical mass of free humanity on the philosophical ideas of natural rights, individual sovereignty, true Constitutionalist Heritage of the American Republic, so that what can come after would be a better one.

But for me, it really matters not what a bunch of a-holes in DC delude they can dictate to their own employers, my fellow American brethren, what they can or cannot do with their own individual lives. They lost ANY semblance of legitimacy since I found out about UCC, the original 14th Amd, the US Corporation, 1913, and 1933 National Emergencies Act which FDR signed, which has been renewed every yr by each successive POTUS, annually, which still dictates that America has officially been under martial law, since that act has been signed.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul