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Comment: I was concerned about this (colony collapse disorder)

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I was concerned about this (colony collapse disorder)

until I contacted the local beekeepers. We had a honeybee hive move into a container which we use to collect aluminum cans. They were rather docile and we could bar-b-que within a foot of the hive and nobody ever got stung. We left the hive alone for a little over a year when the presence of young children became a potential problem (did not want to face any kind of liablility issues, or see children get hurt). So we called all the local beekeepers and got the same story. Basically, africanized bees are not a problem, they did not want to come and collect the hive as they had no need for it, recommended that we kill off the hive and told us we would be doing them a favor if we did because more often than not, it is the wild hives which carry disease.

I think the last sentence (The dramatic loss of the bees is expected to affect consumers.) gives a clue as to what is going on here. They need an excuse to blame inflation on, and to distract from the actual cause of rising prices, that is, the printing of money.

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