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I agree with you

You cannot go into a place full of students who by one method or another are reliant on or will rely on in the future, some form of government assistance in terms of tuition, jobs, etc.

Rand's focus was on the personal liberty aspects of libertarianism. And he was right to focus on those things because the majority or the students could relate in one way or another to that.

Talking Austrian economics would have made the audience think he was crazy and that he didn't understand the basics of economics that they all take as absolute truth.

What most libertarians fail to see when trying to convince others is that people change their minds in stages not in one big a-ha moment.

Who among us became libertarian over night? I realize now that I was always pretty much a libertarian but it was the Iraq war that lead me to examine what I believe, which lead me to exploring monetary policy, which lead me to the non-aggression principle, etc.

There is such a thing as coming on too strong.

Libertarians in general need to stop bashing people over the head and start making suggestions instead. Focus on common goals and minds will begin to change. I think Rand Paul handled it beautifully.