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Fine Chessienut

You may continue with your erroneous assumptions and suspicions all you want of myself and my "cohorts", as you have successfully done all along. Personally, I hope you stick to your words and indeed are done on this issue, as all you and your "cohorts" have managed thus far is show intolerance. You've managed to behaved in the exact same fashion as those we've tried to reach during the primaries last year that "refused" to listen to Ron Paul simply because of the "facts" they CHOSE to believe from MSM, the government, and "hate" groups. You have every right to your opinion, but when you refuse to listen to the other side of the argument - KEY WORD "objectively", and all you want to do is shove your opinions down everyone else's throat as "fact", then you have a bigger problem than you even realize. You've failed to see that because you're so blinded by your "set" ways as many of the Anti-Ron Paul people were last year. Those people "REFUSED" to believe that he wasn't an "isolationist" or a "racist", but more importantly, they "DIDN"T" want to believe that "maybe", "possibly", there was another side to the story after all. They "chose" ignorance.

May you be able to kill that rage you feel inside of you someday Chessienut, regardless of the reason(s) you wish to blame, as that shit's going to do nothing but eat you up alive, and I sincerely hope you find inner peace, someday.