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I'm one of those parents from almost 3 decades ago who homeschooled her three sons. The term "home" doesn't mean "only at home".
Our sons had MORE exposure to the world and people of all ages than any government school. They were very much at home with adults, interacted with other homeschooling families, neighborhood friends and families,field trips, etc.
Our sons knew the capitol at Sacramento better than anyone at early ages. They went with us to the bill room to order copies of bills and we read and critiqued them, visited legislators' offices and spoke to them, attended hearings. They witnessed their parents' concerns for limited government and freedom.
Went to plays, concerts, museums, lumbermills,historical sites,on swim teams. Came with me on household and business errands. Were versed in all the academic subjects, and their histories.
They were perceptive,articulate, and enthusiastic.
The misconception that home schoolers were "strange" or isolated is baloney. They WERE and ARE independent minded!!
Though I had a liberal arts degree, it really isn't necessary that parents be college educated. Many home schooled children have far excelled their parents' education levels. It's all about attitude and perserverence.