Comment: aligning himself with the republican party

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aligning himself with the republican party

my first thought watching Rand @ Howard was, he is gonna regret aligning himself so closely with the Republicans, he went as a Republican apologist, and they treated him as such- *Ron* was smart to always bring issues down to the individual not groups Rand should of went and brokedown his positions not try and build a bridge between African Americans and the republican party (the party that will eventually stab him in the back once the election draws closer, mark my words); even if I was a republican, which I am not, I would know that when I went to Howard my duty was only to represent myself not try and answer for 150 yrs of the Republican party's irrational behavior... I agree with this article, Rand didnt make the most of his opportunity, it wasnt an utter failure though and he still has time to reconnect