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Comment: One of my best friends

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One of my best friends

is a Viet Nam vet. He Received 2 purple hearts, and a bronze star with a V device and some VA benefits.

I've talked to him from time to time about his experiences, in as much detail as he is willing to share.

I think he feels some guilt for the things he's done, but it not the same as murder, and I would never accuse him of that. Its more like accidentally killing someone by doing something stupid - like going to a bar on the bad side of town with these guys you just met, and getting in a fight, and ending up killing someone.

At the time, it seems like the right thing to do, intentions are good, it was in self defense, but then you end up wondering why the hell did you go in the first place, and what a waste it was to have gone, and how you are glad you did it, but wouldn't want to ever do it again.