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Not 100%

That's one of the most interesting things about "The Liberty Movement", and why I consider myself a rEVOLutionary more than a "Liberty Mover". I agree with you about Ben Carson, yet, he does speak of issues which fall into the concerns of the rEVOLution, like smaller government, and responsibilty of people, and education, peace.... I recall Ron paul being asked if he was in the wrong party during a GOP presidential debate in 07.. the Liberty Movement has it's "Blue" side.. and while we don't agree on some issues, pro-life, guns, exactly how small government should or could be.. we all agree on the same issues that are not being represented well in the major parties, peace, liberty from tyranny, restoring constitutional government and bill of rights, ending agneda 21, responsibilty..

Cynthia McKinney and I don't agree on all the issues, but I respect her for the stands she has made, and appreciate her saying that she is studying liberty. That is the least of what we want. I didn't come into this 100% agreeing with Ron Paul.. but I have a hard time today naming what my differences are thanks to his books and what what I've learned from DP community.