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Have you even dared look at the links?

Ron paul cured my apathy. Maybe you missed something of the best response you can give is to sigh and look down? You have nothing to say but insults and name calling to voice your frustration on what you believe to be a deception from me, who you see as a spade/ hypocrite.

It seems to me you have a hard time seeing BOTH sides of a story, Palestine-Israel. And I understand from the perspective from back in 93 A.N.S.W.E.R. had huge protests I attended. It is very hard to find MSM about what good Israel is or does. Why would anyone question based on all the evidense against Israel? How can anyone do any business with Israel? How is Israel even allowed to exist except for the USA and "stupid, ignorant, neocon, zionist, warmongering SOBs who are anti-christ and creators of all deceptions?

We do not get the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that is why. Do a simple search.. Israel-Palestine.. you will get tons of articles against Israel, not for Israel. Do you ask, "Why?" Did the censorship of Ron Paul's presidential campaigns ever ask you "Why?" for the same reason?

Israel has a very complicated history, and it's problems were built in from it's secular establishment under the UN. UNDER THE U.N.. Isn't it interesting that the U.N. rarely is mentioned when it comes to Israel/Palestine?

Israel's biggest problem is people want to move there. People from all over the world LOVE Israel and want to live in Israel.. America's MSM is so negative about Israel, most Americans are put off.. but this is not the case globally. These illegal settlements are by people who will kill to live in Israel for the freedom. FREEDOM. Israel has freedom.. may be behind walls.. but there's FREEDOM behind those walls.. and from what I'm seeing on Youtubes.. seems to me, Americans whio go to Israel LOVE that freedom.. and think Americans are stupid to not KNOW Israel represents global freedom.. but most have no clue.. instead they see the conflict with Palestine.. it's not like people want to move to Palestine. Why? Because Palestine is NOT free.. one reason there are land probelms is Palestinians believe their land belongs to their families for ever.. God Knows.. Allah knowss.. everyone knows.. so when they "sell" land to foreigners who want to build.. and wind up building "illegally".. there winds up being a huge conflict, and Israel gets the bad rap, not that they don't deserve it because violence is not a solution.. so where is the UN? (I think making money off construction). None the less..

If you were to Google Israel Palestine.. Kerry is there.. but there is no "bad" news about Israel.. hasn't been for months.. and that's because Israel is doing what it believe is correct and telling the UN to go the Hell... Israel will win because FREEDOM IS POPULAR.

Just for an exercize why not look for something good about Israel and something not so good about Palestine. Name them if you can.