Comment: The real fun starts when they try to tax it.

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The real fun starts when they try to tax it.

Hi. This is Arizona. If you really want gold you go out and find it. You have to work for it but if you study up and get some used gear you can go out and get the gold.

It's not hard to convert gold into currency in Arizona. Just drive into town, do a deal and walk away with cash money and no paperwork necessary. Then go get blasted in the bars, stock up on dry goods and go do it again.

See we make our own metal. It would be dilly to have our own state minted currency AGAIN but we already do trade in metals at the "street level" here. The real one. And it might not be paved. But smart vendors do and always have accepted metals. People got scales.

So while this law seems ostensibly geared towards states rights and issuance of currency, at the real street level it's just another official seal or stamp or control point and now they'll want us to report on metallic transactions at something like real spot.

Well ain't really gonna happen. A silver dollar might still be booked as $1.00 for reporting purposes and what happens on the scales, well mostly that's never reported and never will be. Go suck eggs. Unless they want to tie an IRS agent to my sack. Which he's welcome to carry. Keep both his hands busy.

Somebody once said this economy is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Not sure what that means because everything tends to move slow in deserts. But if they run a train through here it won't be slow.

We already pulled up most of the tracks and sold them for scrap.

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