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Comment: I see what you guys are

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I see what you guys are

I see what you guys are trying to say, but hold on a second here.....

In my area (highly democrat) in the Bay Area in CA, we did a lot of precinct walking. We would go up to a door, pitch Ron Paul or another liberty candidate and would get immediately shut down soley off the name

If all of the people who told me they can't vote for Ron Paul because he's a republican but they agree with him on everything, then he would have won the June 5th primary in California.

Rand Paul isn't trying to convert republicans. He isn't trying to convert libertarians. We already know his principles, against the ndaa, against the fed, pro defense anti offensive fp, pro reforming drug laws, pro constitution, etc

The bottom line is, he is now trying to appeal to a group that sees all republicans as a brand name. If we want a shot at winning, sadly, the brand name is what will appeal to this demographic (I'm not saying the african americans, but the democrats). You have to speak in the democrats collective language to convert them.

Why is there all of this Rand bashing? We need to unite around him. He may not be perfect, but he is really close. He is our best shot for a liberty candidate. He will be better than Reagan and better than Goldwater. He is also better than all the other options by a landslide, Rubio, Cruz, Clinton, Biden, etc

Rand Paul is a great guy and is trying to communicate with different audiences. I know its hard to trust a politicians even our own, but we need to trust him. He is the best we got.

There has become anti-liberty, anti-rand, and anti-benton (although he is a piece of shit) liberation media organizations or whatever you want to call them, that are making money off us clicking on their links to spotty stories the misconstrue our message. There is money to be made in bashing Rand. At first glance they look good, but when you research the stories more, you find out that they are full of shit. Don't believe the trolls. I'm afraid a) trolls are taking over our movement, but they are subtle trolls and are hard to spot b) many people, not everyone obviously, are starting to believe junk websites and blogs without researching the stories for themselves. We must continue to be skeptics of even our own sources. Why are we so quick to question Rand, but not the shitty blogs and info wars that get peddled amongst libertarians.