Comment: Those bee keepers are full of it!

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Those bee keepers are full of it!

Yea well those local bee keepers are full of shit. 50% losese of bees is a serious problem! It is not wild hives that are likely to carry disease it is commercial hives and their practices. That is propaganda. Ask those idiots why they think they are losing up to 50% of their hives? If they say because of wild bees ask them to prove it.

Do not kill those bees if they are docile (bees generally are unless extremely provoked) why are you worried about kids? Make some more calls there are people who will take that hive for you. Find some natural bee keepers they will be glad to help preserve them. Wild or feral colonies are needed to preserve the bees and their diversity as they are not subjected to all the commercial junk beekeepers subject their colonies too that are causing all the problems.

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