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Marine Corps, first gulf war ... yes the military trains people to kill and the job they are hired for is to murder. I don't think it is rocket science.

What else can you call that popular helicopter video blowing up innocent civilians and children besides murder?

Was S. Butler full of shit when he said it was all a racket?

Do military personnel killing people know their victims? Have their victims trespassed against or threatened them in some way?

The military is just another example of TMOT's analogy of institutionalizing wrong doing to be good. If you kill someone in an aggressive action not derived from self defense how can it be characterized as anything but murder?

There is a good reason the Constitution heavily frowns upon standing armies and that is because when there is no one in need of immediate defense because they are under threat of imminent attack a standing army is of no use or benefit.

Belief in a standing army as a deterrent is analogous to asserting law can legislate morality because law is a deterrent of bad behavior.