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A market Anarchist?

What's that, somebody who doesn't want justice to interfere in the free market?

Do you want to buy slaves or just slave goods? You do understand that people want to be able buy BOTH in the free market.

In the free market people want to get as much as they can for their money, and productive labor is where value comes from. Slavery is the win in a free market without justice.

So you're an Anarchist and you think Ron Paul is too. Don't mince your words because you're afraid people will recognize you for what you are.

"I like to call myself a market anarchist."

I know.. Anarchists call themselves a lot of things, but when you boil them down, what you find somebody who has no idea what threatens people's liberty and condemns the very idea of defending liberty with force.

"His dad would've bluntly said that government can't be helpful because it's force."

I have no problem calling Anarchists what they are, frauds and liars, and I have NO PROBLEM using force to defend liberty. Am I really supposed to believe you don't understand the impact enforcing justice has on the market?

I'm not like the others. I don't assume that you're stupid. I assume that you're smart. Assuming that you're smart leaves me thinking you're a fraud and liar who wants to buy slaves and slave goods in a free market.